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We Know Who’s Behind The Murder ||Biz Katillerin Kim Olduğunu Biliyoruz‬


UPdates: press release from the Turkish Medical Ass., video of people expelling the police so that ambulances could pass through, more news to follow | | |

urgent: “The murderous bombing which occurred this morning” what is happening in turkey.

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The murderous bombing which occurred this morning (10 October 2015) in Ankara resulted in the death of 86 people and injured over 300 others – according to the first assessments.

This hateful act killed women and men who responded to the call of left-wing organizations and movements, including the HDP (Democratic Party of the People), was committed in the heart of the Turkish capital, where these people were to attend a March for Peace.
Deliberately choosing to go to war with the Kurds, rather than joining forces to fight the Daesh terrorists, President Reccep Erdogan destroyed the peace process to which it had committed with the PKK for more than two years. Erdogan is responsible for this mindless violence, murder and carnage.

[translated from the press release from CNSK, taken from CDFK’s faceboook page]


Most of the western news websites is using the turkish media as grounds for their approach. The Guardian, for example, published a despicable article today which title is exactly the image AKP’s government wants to perpetuate [the title was changed in the meanwhile without an editorial note. It stated “Islamic State and Left-Wing Militants emerge as ‘suspects’ of Bombings in Ankara”]. The  Kurdish Question is a good alternative to keep up to date.

Three more good websites to follow the news:

ANF News, DISK and bianet.

And HDP’s website.

TODAY, 3PM: London Protest against Ankara bombing

“URGENT protest against the Ankara bombing on Saturday in which at least 90 people died and many injured at a Peace Rally
The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose AKP party lost a majority vote in the elections in May, has turned the country into a bloodbath. He claimed that “none of this would have happened if you gave us 400 mp’s”. Civilians are being caught up in state terror while a peace process had broken down.
State terror has increased while peace has virtually diminished, all because the AKP and the president did not get 400 mp’s.”

Post by Chris Stephenson:

English speaking friends. The longer note I promised you yesterday.

There is much more to write, but I need to turn to organising what we will do in our work place tomorrow.

A double suicide bombing at a Trade Union organised peace march in Ankara last Saturday killed over 100 people and injured over 500.

The march had been called by two trade union federations, DISK and KESK, the Chambers of Engineers and Architects and the Turkish Medical Association.

Hundreds of union organised buses brought tens of thousands of people from all over Turkey to the assembly point near the Ankara railway station.

We gathered in front of Ankara railway station. While we were organising our contingent, distributing flags and banners and preparing to enter the line up for the march we heard a very loud double bang. People started to cry. We did what we could to stop panic and to get people to walk, not run, calmly away from the explosion. People had lost their shoes, their friends, their composure. As we moved away we saw human body parts lying on the ground, thrown there by the force of the explosions. We now realise we had been mid way between the two explosions and about 30 metres away from each.

We turned a corner and passed under the railway bridge. There we saw riot police approaching in full gear, but ambulances being kept waiting.

We now know that these riot police attacked those rescuing the wounded with tear gas and water cannon while the dead were still lying on the ground.

We had travelled from Istanbul to Ankara on a postal workers union bus. Before we could return to Istanbul we needed to wait for everyone to be accounted for. Finally one postal worker whose leg had been shredded by shrapnel from the bomb arrived in a taxi. We had to lift him up the stairs into the bus. They hadn’t even given him a crutch in the hospital. We got word that the President of the number 9 branch of the Postal Workers Union was in intensive care. With heavy hearts, we set off home.

This is the latest in series of violent provocations that have occurred since it became clear that the HDP (Peoples Democratic Party) was going to get enough votes in the June 7 general election to deny President Recep Tayyıp Erdoğan the parliamentary majority he needed to impose a Putin style executive presidency. Before the election there were 170 violent attacks on HDP offices, bombings of HDP offices in Adana and Mersin, then the bombing of the final HDP election rally in Diyarbakır, killing four people.

Erdoğan’s AK Party have made a pact with the devil in the shape of Turkey’s deep state, the secret apparatus within the security forces that was responsible for the years of terror in the 90s when thousands were the victims of “murder by persons unknown” or simply disappeared, their bones dissolved in acid wells.

Just as in the 1990s, killings blamed on “terrorists” provoke fear and hatred. Years later it turns out that they were not the work of “terrorists” but carried out, or ordered, or arranged by the deep state.

The single most important act that preceded the turn to an intensification of violence in Turkey and the end of the two year ceasefire with the PKK was the bombing at Suruç which killed 33 young socialist activists. Prime Minister Davutoğlu now makes the absurd claim that the government “caught the person responsible”. It was a suicide bombing. No living person has ever been held to account, despite the fact that the bomber was being tracked by the security forces. The bombing was blamed on Islamic State although the notoriously publicity hungry Islamic State has never claimed responsibility, despite BBC claims to the contrary. The bomber may or may not have believed that he was acting for Islamic State, but no actual connection has been established.
But it was an intervention by the United States after Suruç that began the intense government violence that we now live with every day. In exchange for use of the Incirlik air base in South Eastern Turkey by US war planes to bomb Syria, the US gave the green light to bombing raids by Turkish war planes on Kurdish targets inside Iraq and in Turkey.

Now town by town, city by city the security forces of the Turkish state are declaring curfews, attacking the population and arresting local elected officials. They are attempting to force election officials to declare that the election cannot be safely carried out in these districts where the HDP gets 80-90% of the vote.

But all of this violence and repression appears not to be working. Opinion polls show no fall in the support for the HDP. If anything, support among the embattled Kurds is increasing. Support for the HDP among Turks and other ethnic groups is not falling, either.

The response of the government, the president, and the forces of Turkey’s “deep state” with whom they have made an alliance, is to step up the violence even further.

Every week the violence, the repression and the suppression of free speech is increasing. HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş was due to speak on Bugün, a small TV channel this week. 24 hours before the broadcast, that channel and seven others were removed from the Digiturk TV satellite by order of the public prosecutor for “supporting terrorism”. One of the channels was a children’s channel.

Which brings us to the bombing in Ankara.

The government has not declared three days mourning for the victims in Ankara. They have declared three days mourning for the Ankara victims and the police, soldiers and paramilitary village guards who have died since July. Notably the civilians who have died in the Kurdish areas in the same period were not included. In his statement about the bombings, Prime Minister Davutoğlu started by posing the PKK as a possible culprit, followed by a left guerilla group and only then Islamic State. He spent 20 out of 30 minutes of his statement attacking the HDP.

In response to Davutoğlu’s attacks HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş said “We are Turks and we are Kurds, we are soldiers, we are police. We are the ones who die. We know what your children get up to. They don’t die. We die. And you are responsible.”

Behind the descent of the Turkish government into violent attacks on their own population lies the policy of intervention in the civil war in Syria. Within the context of all the foreign interventions in Syria, the Turkish government has tried pursue its own interests, and turn a profit, by acting as proxy for Saudi Arabian and Qatari intervention in Syria.

Now the Turkish government is getting backing from the US for its attacks on the Kurds by offering use of the Incirlik air base. And also blackmailing the European Union into supporting Turkey’s regional ambitions by threatening to open the doors to allow the 2 million Syrians who are being denied proper refugee status in Turkey to cross the border into Europe.

The hands of the EU and US are dirty. They have always stood behind repressive regimes in Turkey and approved every military coup in Turkey’s history. Now their interventions in Syria are also responsible for fuelling the rising death toll in Turkey. We have suffered 600 dead since the June 7 election.

The massacre in Ankara may be blamed on the Islamic State. The real culprits are closer to home. Bombing Syria is no solution. It will strengthen Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and increase the murderous activities of the deep state in Turkey.

Using events in Turkey as an excuse for voting for British bombing of Syria would be dangerous hypocrisy.

Now the unions and associations that called Saturday’s peace demonstration have called a general strike for Monday and Tuesday. The divided nature of the unions in Turkey means that this general strike will not bring life to a stop in Turkey. It will, however, be an opportunity in the work places and on the streets to build the unity of the exploited from different ethnicities and beliefs against the elites who want to defend their power by having us die fighting one another. This class unity is the only way forward for Turkey and for the whole of the Middle East.

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has eighty representatives in Turkey’s parliament. The following statement was sent to Jacobin by the party’s foreign affairs commission.

The War Erdoğan Wants

Turkey is increasingly drifting towards civil war. Solidarity is needed now.

Ulas Yunus Tosun / EPA

Turkey is increasingly drifting into a civil war. Led by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) provisional government, the politics of violence have escalated since the June 7 general elections.

Today, the peace process between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish state has come to a halt and war has started again.

Just within the last month, severe clashes have taken place in many Kurdish cities such as Silopi, Lice, Şemdinli, Silvan, Yüksekova, and Cizre, where the civilian population has been targeted by state forces. Tens of civilians, guerillas, and members of state security forces have died in the ensuing clashes. Since July 24, the AKP interim government has not been attacking ISIS, as it claims to be doing, but the Qandil Mountains in the territory of the Kurdistan Regional Government instead, as well as Kurds, democratic forces, democratic politics, civilians, women, and the opposition as a whole in Turkey.

The Turkish state and the provisional AKP government are implementing all sorts of oppressive measures, such as forbidding entry into and departure from Kurdish cities against which it launches military operations, cutting off all communication including phone and internet lines, and blocking off press and observers to prevent the truth about what is happening on the ground from reaching national and international public attention.

A curfew has been in place in the province of Cizre for the past week, where twenty-one civilians have been killed. The province of Cizre has been under siege for days, where there is serious shortage of food, water, access to basic health services, preventative treatment of the wounded, and burial of those who have been killed by state security forces. Serious concerns regarding fears of civilian massacre in Cizre have been voiced by the elected members of the parliament and civil society organizations.

In this very violent situation, Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has also been targeted by AKP spokespersons and pro-AKP mass media. Almost everyday, our party officials and especially our co-chairs are being targeted by those “nationalist and patriotic” people. Many statements of AKP officials have been signaling a call for war against the HDP.

As a result of the AKP’s violent discourse, many of our buildings in several cities have been attacked by groups of people associated with racist and fascist groups. On September 8, they attacked our headquarters in Ankara, setting fire to the building. Our party archives and records were targeted specifically. No one was injured in the attack, but the building is now heavily damaged and unavailable for use.

Until now, over 128 party buildings all over the country have been attacked. Moreover, the police and other security forces of the state did not do their job to prevent the attacks.

We once again want to emphasize that HDP is not a part of theseviolence-based, war-oriented policies. As HDP, we did not take part in any decision-making process of the war. On the contrary, we are trying to push both PKK and the Turkish state to end this armed conflict. It should be known that it is the AKP who is insisting on war politics and implementing anti-democratic practices all over the country.

In spite of these adverse developments, we call on all international communities, civil society organizations, and the international media for solidarity and support to bring about an immediate ceasefire and the commencement of peace talks. Our call is also one for urgent action against increasing state violence, the violation of human rights, and anti-democratic practices and measures in Kurdish cities, as well as the cities in the western regions of the country.

We now need the support of the international public more than ever in order to achieve the realization of a lasting peace in the Middle East, Turkey, and Kurdistan. In this context we invite all of our friends, political parties, associations, networks, civil society organizations, and all peace-loving forces to act in solidarity with us.

We call on all democratic international institutions and forces to take concrete steps against the Turkish state’s violent, anti-democratic actions against its own people and citizens.

A total of 694 dead people since June 7 elections when AKP lost majority rule and launched a war against… against turkey:


HDP leader Selahattin Demirtaş: “If I were a PM in this situation, I would publicly apologize for a thousand times and then resign. But these people don’t know what shame means. There isn’t even one person with dignity so we could call for resignation. None. And we are governed by such people… without knowing where and how we would die.”

People’s justice in action. Saturday, Ankara, right after the bombing in the peace march.

Police block path of ambulances until people beat them out of the way

Press Release from the Turkish Medical Association

«We are sad, we are angry, we are mourning and we are rebelling. Nobody should dare to say that it is an unidentified massacre.

We know the murderers!

The murderers are;

  • those who couldn’t bear with the results of  June 7th General Elections
  • those who pushed Turkey to civil war due to not reaching 400 seats in the parliament; the number of seats, necessary to transform the entire political system
  • the ones trying to win the upcoming General Elections on November 1st by creating fear and terror in society
  • the ones who have washed the country in blood with water cannons and guns.

We know their aims!

Their aims are

  • to maintain the system of corruption and fear that has been existing for three years
  • to break the will of citizens who have been countering the dictatorship since the Gezi Park uprising
  • to maintain the power of the illegal Palace despite the will of people. »

Read the whole press release here.

não foi o terrorismo que nos matou, foi o estado
«It wasn’t terrorism that killed us, it was the State»

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