And He was asking him, "What is your name?" And he said to Him, "My name is Multitude; for we are many."

nina I – ‘why am I alive anyway?’

it took me a long time to realize this music is not about happiness, it’s about death. it is about the thousands of African-Americans who had absolutely nothing, or better still, who only had their lives as something valuable and with political relevance. this is not old bob’s ‘don’t worry, be happy’; it is pure intervention music being sang in front of an all white public by the strong woman who, later that week, would rally with black multitudes and incite them to violently rebel against their oppressors.

long live Nina, black bipolar Queen and one of the best musicians-entertainers of the twentieth century.



One comment on “nina I – ‘why am I alive anyway?’

  1. Nevaeh

    That’s a creative answer to a diiffcult question


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