And He was asking him, "What is your name?" And he said to Him, "My name is Multitude; for we are many."

scientists are instruments, scientists are dead, scientists are cyborgs – fragments

«A tool must be calibrated, and so must the subject; the laboratory must be made fit to replicability, and so must the subject; the instrument must be transparent in its operations, and so must the subject; and his judgment must be trained, adjusted, tuned: the formed scientist is part of the scientific apparatus


«At the same time workers were entering the factories, becoming part of a machine that produced material goods, scientists were entering the laboratories and academias, transforming themselves in pieces of a machinery that produced knowledge and its authority, immaterial goods.»

19 L'Homme machine«The classical age discovered the body as object and target of power…. The great book of Man-the-Machine was written simultaneously on two registers: the anatomico-metaphysical register, of which Descartes wrote the first pages and which the physicians and philosophers continued, and the technico-political register, which was constituted by a whole set of regulations and by empirical and calculated methods relating to the army, the school and the hospital, for controlling or correcting the operations of the body. These two registers are quite distinct, since it was a question, on the one hand, of submission and use and, on the other, of functioning and explanation: there was a useful body and an intelligible body. And yet there are points of overlap from one to the other. La Mettrie’s L’Homme Machine is both a materialist reduction of the soul and a general theory of dressage, at manothe centre of which reigns the notion of ‘docility’, which joins the analysable body to the manipulable body. A body is docile that may be subjected, used, transformed and improved. The celebrated automata, on the other hand, were not only a way of illustrating an organism, they were also political puppets, small-scale models of power» foucault, discipline n punish, 136

«Anti-humanism consists in de-linking the human agent from this universalistic posture, calling him to task, so to speak, on the concrete actions he is enacting. Different and sharper power relations emerge, once this formerly dominant subject is freed from his delusions of grandeur and is no longer allegedly in charge of historical progress.»  braidotti, posthumanism,  23
«A qualitative step forward is necessary if we want to subjectivity to escape regime of commodification that is the trait of our historical era, and experiment with virtual possibilities. We need to become the sorts of subjects who actively desire to reinvent subjectivity as a set of mutant values and to draw our pleasure from that, not from the perpetuation of familiar regimes» idem, 93, referring to guattari

orthopedie-andry pensee-volonte-descartes-schemas-543po


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