And He was asking him, "What is your name?" And he said to Him, "My name is Multitude; for we are many."

starting to talk about… Otherkin.

As some of you might know I have been reading about Otherkin lately.


Otherkin are people who do not identify as being fully human. They can have non-human animal identities, of mythological identities such as dragons or elves, or have several identities, each of which might also be otherkin.
For some, it is spiritual. For some it is a lifestyle. For some it is cognitive. But for all it is difficult. The internet – and the world – are full of people ready to mock before listening, ready to discard as insane before taking the Other’s perspective.20051024reboot1

Even those groups who historically have gone through similar types of oppression, most of which still do in everyday life, seem to be cynical and hateful towards groups such as the otherkin. We keep creating identities, sticking to them, ’emancipate’ them (lol) and ignore the structural and interseccional nature of these oppression and exploitation. One thing I’m sure of: as queer came to question the sex-gender system (as Rubin puts it), the otherkin have come to question the body-species one.


I have a lot more to tell you and write on this topic. For now I just wanted to leave you with this documentary and with the cartoons by Orion Scribner.



[if the video doesn’t work, try watch all six parts through here]


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