And He was asking him, "What is your name?" And he said to Him, "My name is Multitude; for we are many."


– to pat califia

She hated the first day of the term. She had always had. It was the day she had to explain to *every and single* teacher, in front of the whole class, that just because she looked like a guy it didn’t mean she wanted to be treated as one. Not that she was a girl, but she was certainly not a “dude.” It was always the same discomfort, the same awkwardness, the same inadequacy as a starting point.
On top of that the first class was with Mr. Miles, the algebra teacher. She had heard of him. And for no surprise, once she proceeded to give her usual explanation about her name and pronoun, Mr. Miles felt the calling to share his piece of mind “as well.” He respected “his” “opinion;” he didn’t “agree” with “him,” but he respected it. Above all he was “for freedom of speech.” And although “he” was free to call “himself” whatever “he” wanted, Mr. Miles was certainly not going to bow to the “trendy gender ideology” that had “taken over” the campus due to the “PC police.” “He” could call “himself” whatever “he” wanted, but Mr. Miles wasn’t going to “buy into that.”
He looked at her for a response. She was so sick of it, so furious. She took ba deep breath. She replied:
-That is perfectly understandable, Ma’am.
She sat down.

bb5ad232307c8df0671cb2f074970ad8Zetha Kz – Skate Wars


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