And He was asking him, "What is your name?" And he said to Him, "My name is Multitude; for we are many."

a Socialistas & Kuirs

pessoal kuir: siga lá deixar de usar “cis het white man” como forma de linearmente invalidar os pontos de vista e as experiências de outras pessoas. é importante a proliferação … Continue reading

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On what it means to be a woman.

On the question of what it means to be a woman, some radical feminists were quite categorical: womanhood is a form of oppression, it is a condition of subjection and … Continue reading

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The Mist of Life: Fiction & The Epistemology of Creation

“you will die and so will all those who read my story, all, all, all with no exception! Fictional beings, like me; the same as I am! You’ll all die, … Continue reading

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é natal

Todos os anos há dias maus. Todos os anos há dias que preferíamos que não existissem. Em que temos que cumprir protocolos, que nos prejudicam a saúde mental. Que nos … Continue reading

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Carta a um Chamilly [fui tua amante]

Vieste pouco devagar, ocupaste lugar e foste-te tornando origem de tantos ruídos em mim. Fui tua amante sem o querer ser, recusando esse lugar comum que se impõe pelas inevitabilidades. Acreditei … Continue reading

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a poem

  Once I had a date With a published sociologist Who told me my research Wasn´t really REAL knowledge   He said that he believed I should be a great … Continue reading

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the Carnation Revolution [edit]

On this day, 42 years ago, a movement risen from within the portuguese Armed Forces marched towards the centres of power of the New State in Lisbon to put an … Continue reading

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wtf is a chomsky

I am guessing most of you have already heard of this debate, but in case you haven’t seen it, and for those who haven’t heard of it, I thought it … Continue reading

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Man & His Monsters – IV Marginality & Representation

None are better situated to tell us about this than the monsters of our stories. For centuries they have lived, and live still, in the edges of our knowledge, in … Continue reading

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